UVARA Has Powerful Features Anyone Can Master

Interactive maps, digital plan room and robust reports are feature-rich and easy-to-use.

Precision Mapping

Color-coded map layers. Each system – water, gas, fiber optics, storm drain, sewer, electrical, lighting, telecom, and more – is highlighted with a different color, so you know what’s what.

Customize your map view based on the task. Need to see just water or gas lines? Or maybe the entire site? You can change map views on the fly. In just a few clicks, any system can be turned on or off.

Aerial imaging positions assets in the right place. A bird’s eye view is invaluable in identifying utilities and other mapped assets relative to roads, buildings, landscape or other visible landmarks.

Detailed data at your fingertips. Want to know where individual valves, switches, and pipes are? UVARA clearly shows you right on the map. When you click a particular asset, an information box pops up to provide more details.

GPS-friendly in the field. Maps are geo-coded, so teams in the field can locate important assets in real time with their GPS-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Digital Plan Room

The Digital Plan Room is a fully digitized archive that stores and organizes all of your plans into a single, searchable, easy-to-access application.

A safe, secure vault. The Digital Plan Room holds all of the as-built drawings, record sets and other documents used to create maps and provide supporting data.

Full control of data. Permission-based access allows you to control who on your team sees what.

Sortable database. The database can be easily sorted by document type, construction/plan date, and document title.

Searchable database. Search by document title or document creator (engineer, architect, contractor) to quickly find the right documents.

Maximum control and flexibility. Documents can be downloaded, saved or printed right from the platform.

Insightful Reporting

UVARA enables authorized users to view and share detailed reports, including information about inventory of assets and their value, replacement cost, remaining life and more.

Big picture intelligence. Data and key information are aggregated to produce a 360-degree view that can guide both strategic and tactical decisions.

Detailed analysis. Each report contains dozens of unique figures, tables and graphs that offer detailed analysis about every aspect of your facility.

Actionable advice. The platform continually assesses your needs and provides timely and actionable suggestions, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Budget planning. By aggregating and cross-referencing financial information, UVARA provides invaluable modeling capabilities to support your immediate and future budget needs.

Filling the information gaps. UVARA™ identifies the missing gaps in information and helps you prioritize research and discovery, so you can see a complete picture of your assets and minimize risk.

Audit reporting. The reporting functionality helps administrators quickly produce routine, and tailored one-off reports for auditors, regulators and governmental officials.

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