BetterGIS was founded in 2015 by a team of engineers and utility infrastructure professionals to address their No. 1 problem: Managing out-of-sight, out-of-mind utility infrastructure that often produces costly overruns and delays.

The Best There Is

We know from experience that what you can’t see can hurt you. So we built the easiest-to-use GIS solution. We stripped out the unnecessary bells-and-whistles so you can do exactly what you need to simply and quickly.

Addressing A $1 Trillion Market

We’re focused on the $1 trillion challenge of managing utility and facility infrastructure operated by municipalities, colleges and schools, water and sewer districts, hospitals and medical centers, and office complexes across the U.S.

Next Generation Technology

With UVARA™ we’ve revolutionized the planning, designing, building and operating utility infrastructure by putting unprecedented power at your fingertips. UVARA provides digital mapping of underground, surface and overhead assets with decision-support tools that show you big picture and promoter smart decisions. UVARA – Built By And For Utility Infrastructure Professionals.

Maximizing Value

The advanced functionality and intelligence built into the platform maximize up-time and service continuity, while minimizing risk to people, property, projects, and budgets. We maximize the value of your utility infrastructure or facility.