A Simple, Affordable Solution

UVARA is the easiest, most cost-effective Geographical Information System (GIS) on the market today.

For the Entire Team

UVARA is valuable for everyone on your team, both internal and external:

  • Capital and master planners
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction crew
  • Public safety and disaster preparedness professionals

Built by Industry Experts

Designed by utility and facility infrastructure experts, UVARA delivers the features and functionality to plan, build and operate assets no matter where you are in the management lifecycle.

Provides Everything You Need

UVARA creates rich, digital maps of all types of underground, surface and overhead assets supported by powerful visualization, analytics and archival technology.

When You Need It

A cloud-based platform, your maps and data are accessible 24/7/365 on any web-enabled device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

A World Of Benefits

√ Better forecasting and budgeting

By seeing the big picture below and above the ground ahead of time, you can make smarter decisions.

√ Better design and construction

With spatially accurate data about important infrastructure right at your fingertips, planners and designers can properly locate new assets in the right place the first time around.

√ Better construction outcomes

When all sub-contractors work from a common set of plans – a single source of truth – construction happens right on schedule.

√ Better maintenance and operations

An accurate and current visual picture of all your assets helps you prioritize and allocate resources wisely.

√ Fewer trips to your plan room

With all of your maps and information online in a single, secure platform, there’s no more wasted time on trips to plan room and less worry about losing documents.

√ Identify high-risk information gaps

We field check your information and help plug the holes in data. Confidence grows when your design, construction and maintenance teams can easily identify missing information.

√ Continuously refreshed maps and data

When new information from the field becomes known, maps, data and archives can be updated quickly to reflect the latest information.

√ Preserve institutional knowledge

As a generation of professionals begins to retire or personnel change jobs, your institutional knowledge is preserved in a central repository accessible by the next generation of managers.

√ Reduce your liability

When you don’t see the big picture, costly mistakes happen. We help you reduce mishaps by delivering the most current information about what’s above, on and below the ground.

√ Better emergency preparedness and disaster planning

When a crisis happens, we bring order to chaos. Our platform can quickly share information about your facilities or asset with public safety and disaster recovery professionals.

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