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BetterGIS makes and markets UVARA - the next generation GIS solution that is the better way to manage facility infrastructure assets.

BetterGIS Takes On The $1 Trillion Challenge Of Managing Utility And Facility Infrastructure

What’s the best way to budget, design and operate utility and facility infrastructure? Or to avoid unnecessary construction delays and expensive overruns? Or retain precious institutional memory before [...]

Five Reasons Why Utility Locators Should Embrace GIS

Is now the time for utility locators to integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) into their best practices? With the price of GIS falling significantly and ease-of-use improving dramatically, there’s a [...]

BetterGIS Launches UVARA — Its Powerful New GIS Platform

BetterGIS Launches Its Powerful New Platform Nationwide, Offers Expanded Capabilities to Manage Utility and Facility Infrastructure Streamlined Geographic Information System (GIS) is Easiest and Most Cost-Effective Way to Design, Plan, Build [...]

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Gas Explosion, Fire Caused By A Construction Crew Kills Firefighter

A massive natural gas explosion killed a firefighter and leveled portions of a city block in a southern Wisconsin community, including a bar the firefighter owned, authorities said Wednesday. The blast [...]

Report: Underground Utilities Ignored by Higher Ed. Institutions

At UndergroundGIS, our mission is to change the "out of sight, out of mind" philosophy that property owners and facility managers often adhere to when it comes to their utility infrastructure. One [...]

Waxahachie Home Explosion: New Details

The Fire Marshal says a contractor sawed through a gas line causing the home explosion in Waxahachie last week on Arabian Road. After the line was cut, natural gas flowed into a sewer [...]

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